Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wild Card Wednesday: Memory Corsage

We blessed our new baby girl back in December and I wanted to share this cool little gift that my mom made for my little girl to wear on her special day. This is called a memory corsage and my mom originally saw this idea at a boutique she went to. She had bought one at the boutique she went to and had given it to one of my sisters who was having a baby girl. She wanted to keep the tradition going by giving each girl grand baby a corsage, and had a hard time finding one in the stores. You can find them online but some can be quite spendy. Their may be some stores that sell them, but I know my mom searched a lot of different stores and nobody had these.She finally decided to make one instead of buying one for my little girl. I think it turned out great and I am so grateful to have one that my mom made that will end up being passed down generation to generation! 

My daughter's corsage with the Memory Corsage poem

A close up

Here's the poem in case you want to make your own Corsage:

Memory Corsage

A flower for this tiny girl, tied softly at her wrist 
will carry forth a memory of the day that she was blessed.

Then lovingly preserve it, softly tuck this flower away,
to nestle in those curly locks on her baptism day.

So as the months turn to years, a guy may come her way, 
you'll want to share this flower with her on her wedding day.

Something old and something new that every bride must carry, 
Include this flower in her bouquet on the day that she will marry.

Before her flowers are tossed away, remove this flowered pearl, 
to adorn another's tiny wrist, of her very own little girl.