Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tuelle Hair Bows

I've been wanting to make a few new bows for a while now and decided to make some using tuelle. I love using tuelle because I think it just looks really girly and I love to dress my girls up all girly and cutesy. I made matching ones for my two girls and then I also made some for my little niece and gave some to her for her first birthday. These bows are so easy to make and don't take very long to do!This bow will be the perfect accessory for your little girl!

What you need:
Some hair clips (can be found at Walmart or a beauty store)
Hot glue gun
tuelle (I had bought a big roll of it at Walmart)
Gems or anything else that could work to place in the center of your bow

Step 1:
Glue some ribbon onto the top of your hair clip

Step 2:
Cut some strips of tuelle and start to form a star/firework looking shape. I layered 2-3 strips each time to make it thicker which is what you want. It makes the bow nice and puffy.

Step 3:
Take 2-3 strip of tuelle, place them together and then group all the tuelle together and using those strips tie all of it together so it now looks like this:

Steps 4 and 5:
Glue your tuelle bow onto your clip. After that is dry glue on your gem, brad, or any other embellishment. I used a little flower that actually came in a scrapbook kit I got. Scrapbook embellishments are great to use on this kind of stuff!


You now have some cute new hair bows!