Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY Thursday: Zombie Survival Kit

We just celebrated my husbands birthday and after we both became fans of "The Walking Dead" recently I saw this amazing Pin on Pinterest where a father made a Zombie Survival Kit for his son, and decided I had to recreate it for him. Now I had grander plans for this and I have to admit that pregnancy exhaustion definitely got in the way of what I wanted to be the final product but I think it still turned out pretty well.

To start to get Terry (aka the husband) in the Zombie mood I had a bunch of posters made and posted them in his car, at the door as he came home from work and in his room.

Then he found the box. My little men helped me with the final bloody step of creating the box with a little red paint and their hands.

The rest was just a matter of wrapping up some of Terry's favorite treats and creating fun labels for them all. 

This is what it looked like when he opened the box.

I found some silly toys at the dollar store and some fake toilet paper that I think really added to the overall theme.

Really you can pick whatever treats you want, I chose stuff like Mt. Dew, snickers bar, cookies, those little boxes of Pop's like you get for the 4th of July, and a few other of his favorites. Just make sure to get a bunch of different shapes, it makes the final product more fun.

And yes I know that defense was spelled wrong. (Well I did after i made it any way.)

Its not shown in the pictures because we were waiting for it in the mail but we also got him this really neat book that takes all things zombie very seriously and makes you wonder if there really might ever be a zombie take over. BE PREPARED!!

Well to finish I really must tell you to check out my original pinspiration because it is amazing and I hope that both of these ideas inspire you to create some zombie fun of your own.


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