Monday, June 10, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Tinkerbell Day


A few years ago  Last week my daughter LOVED Tinkerbell! So I decided to plan a play date with a friend to celebrate Tinkerbell! 

First thing I did was make each of the girls satin skirts with pointed bottoms to look like the bottom of Tinkerbell's dress. Cut the satin 2 times the width of your child's waist sew the back seam and the elastic casing at the top. When you cut the points for the bottom of the skirt you need to melt the edges so it doesn't fray. Light a candle and go to town melting the edges :)

Then I made a felt pouch to carry their fairy dust in. Strangely I had a couple of glass vials which I put glitter into. I just drew the shape of the pouch I wanted and then blanket stitched to outside edges.
Then the girls went outside and made fairy houses!

Watched the newest Tinkerbell movie.


Emily Robertson said...

That was just last week! ;)