Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wild Card Wednesday: Christmas gift ideas

The Christmas season is now upon us! It is such a wonderful time to remember our Savior's birth and to give to others. A couple days ago we had a family Christmas party and usually we all bring a little something for each family. Nothing too fancy, just a little something to say hey we love you and appreciate all you do. I got thinking that all these fun gift ideas would be great to share in case any of you readers are looking for some kind of idea for a gift for neighbors, friends, or families. 

Gift idea #1

Loaf of bread: We "loaf" you tons!

Gift idea #2

Hand Soap: We "wash" you a Merry Christmas
This is what I gave everyone this year. There is a really cute printable on this site. I was going to use the printable originally, but then realized my printer needs a new color cartridge, so I had to make my own using plain black.

 Gift idea #3

Hot chocolate: Wishing you a "warm" and wonderful Christmas

 Gift idea #4

Hersheys kisses: We wish you a Merry "Kissmas"
You can also put kisses in a whisk and say  We "Wisk" you a Merry "Kissmas"

Gift idea #5

A spatula with a box of brownies or cookies: We "flippen" love you!

Hopefully you like one of these ideas! Have fun shopping and gift giving this Holiday Season!