Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wildcard Wednesday: Monster High Party

My daughter turned 8 this year!!  Holy cow!!!  I'm getting old....
I wanted to do a big party for her since that is a special birthday.  In the LDS religion, 8 years is the age when a child becomes accountable for their actions.  To learn more about this, visit to learn more about our beliefs  
She is obsessed with Monster High so I wanted to do her a fun party with that theme.  This Post is kind of a teaser....I am going to do the tutorials on later posts....but don't worry, if you pin this post I am going to come back to it and add the links to the future tutorials as I do them so you can have them =)
Her party was crazy fun.....I had planned on only about 12 girls but ended up with 17!!!  You gotta love those parents who don't rsvp....luckily I made extra of everything....
I probably could have Bought a cake from the bakery with the Monster High theme but I love making the cakes myself.  It was easy to the skull.  Just use chocolate and trace it and then let it harden.  The tutorial will be linked here:  Skull topper.  I also blinged out her candle because the only one I could find was an ugly red  polka dot one. 
To keep them all occupied as we were waiting for some of the girls to shop up, I printed out a few pages of different Monster High characters for them to color.   Here is the link to the website I got them from: Coloring Pages.  I called it "Scarework."

So just ignore the handwritten papers....I had some cute printouts all designed to use but then when I went to print them at my sister's house her printer wasn't working and then I didn't have to time to get them printed before the party (I barely had time to shower before.....) But I wanted some fun activities so I cut out these felt masks and then had the girls decorate them with the glitter paint,  I called it "Monster Fashion."

This was a fun game!  It was called "Mummy Wrapping."  The girls all chose a partner and then wrapped their partner as a mummy.  A prize went to the best mummy.

For another activity, we did "Claw Painting."  The girls had fun painting their nails.

Next, it was time for food!  Yum!!  This is where the teaser comes in....I will do the tutorials on another post =)

Cleo's Mummy Dogs.  I used the same recipe for this as I did my mummy dogs from a few Halloween's ago.  Here is the link: Mummy Dogs (sorry the pictures aren't there....I deleted some pictures and didn't realize they were linked to the blog...)

Skelita's Sugar Skulls
(Koolaid Popcorn)

Laguna's Sushi

Ghoulia's Juice- any juice you want...I just used Koolaide =)
I forgot to get a picture of everything together so you'll have to just make do with the individual stations....I got a bit busy when 17 girls showed up instead......


z&jarnold said...

These are great ideas! My little girl loves monster high right now too, so I found your site via pinterest. Thanks for sharing!