Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild Card Wednesday: Boy Race Car Birthday Cake

So my little guy's birthday was this past Saturday and as I was contemplating what kind of cake I wanted to make for him I finally narrowed it down to a car cake of some kind since he is way into cars at the moment. I google searched car cakes and found an idea quite similar to this one I did. I saw this and knew it was exactly what I wanted. For the link to the cake I found click here. 

First thing I did was grab two pieces of paper and my two 8" round pans and traced each one on the paper. I then cut them out so I had two circles. I cut a little bit off the first circle so my cakes would fit nicely together. You can see this better in the next picture.

I then traced the number two on my paper. This is my outline for the cake and for especially making the "2"

Next I baked my cakes. I did two round cakes with two layers. Using my outline I created I cut the cake where I needed to have them fit nicely together.

Next I covered the bottom layer with some homemade buttercream frosting I made and lightly frosting the top layer. It didn't need to be frosted perfectly on top because I would be adding more frosting on later.

 For the number "2" I was going to use fondant like the gal said she was going to use, but then I thought oh what the heck I might as well try the same stuff she used cause it looked like it turned out alright so I did and I was glad that I did. For a tutorial on how to use modeling chocolate click here.  Below is  my black chocolate :)

I then rolled my chocolate out on the counter. Make sure to sprinkle some cornstarch on the surface otherwise the chocolate will stick to the counter!!! I cut up my number 2 to make it a little easier to cut and handle.


Here's the my 2 on the cake:)

I then filled in the areas missing frosting.

I then covered the top of the cake with more frosting and used a Wilton tip #21 to make it look like grass along the race track.

For final touches I put in two candles, two toy cars and lined the race track with some yellow gel I got at the store. I was a little bummed that the yellow was a see-through yellow rather than like an opaque yellow if that makes sense, but nevertheless it still turned out cute and my little guy loved it!